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Xandria “Neverwold’s End” Album Review

XandriaXandria are a band I happened upon quite by accident a week or two ago, when I was struggling to find the name of a band who had a singer that sounded relatively similar to Evanescence. The first website I happened upon gave me a few suggestions, one being “Amy Lee” – who would have thought that the singer of Evanescence would sound similar to Evanescence?! – and named other artists such as Epica, Tarja, We Are The Fallen, Delain, Nightwish, and of course, Xandria. I listened to songs from all of them, but the one that stuck in my mind was Valentine by Xandria. How would I describe that song? Amazing doesn’t do it justice. And as for the singer’s voice… Simply put, it’s stunning.

So of course, being me, I simply had to own the album with Valentine on it – which also happened to be their latest album, Neverworld’s End. Despite having not listened to the entire album before persuading my dad to let me buy it, I just wanted to be able to listen to Valentine, and thought I may as well buy the entire album, considering it was only £6.49! Now, I’m sitting listening to the whole album, and I think I’m going to have to go and look out a thesaurus to see if I can find a good enough work to describe it! “Spectacular”, “striking”, and “exquisite” seem to be the only words I can find that really describe this album accurately, so let’s go with them. My plan had been to review each track off the album, but that would take far too long, so I’ll just write about my two favourites, rather than each one 🙂

One of the two I’m planning to write about happens to be the first track of the album, A Prophecy of Worlds To Fall. It’s almost 7 and a half minutes long, and I admit that I was at first a little daunted at the thought of listening to it – what if I was holding the album in too high standards after hearing Valentine? Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about. The song’s introduction takes up about a minute and a half, which normally I would worry about being really boring, or wanting to skip so as to get to the “actual” song, but this intro was just so atmospheric and wonderful that I wanted to be able to absorb every second of it. The beginning of it sounds like something that would be played as a camera pans across a desolate and destroyed landscape, and quite frankly it gives me chills. Then as the guitars come crashing in, the chills dissipate and I’m just left awestruck at how amazing this song is – before any of the singing has even begun. And then Manuela Kraller begins to sing, and oh my goodness. I’ve never heard anything like this, and every time I hear it – no matter the song – I just sit there in wonder about how someone could sing like that. Prophecy… is definitely a firm favourite from this album!

Which makes two favourite tracks in a row, as track number two is Valentine. The beginning of it never fails to amaze me, and I just absolutely love it. I’m not quite sure why, I think it’s the way she sings the opening lines. Honestly, I’m not too sure what to say about this song because my feelings for are pretty much indescribable – I think I’ll say it’s one of the most fantastic songs I’ve heard in quite some time, and let’s just leave it at that! I get the feeling that it being the very first Xandria song I’ve ever heard plays a big part in why I like it so much, because it’s the reason I bought the album – an album I’m sure is going to be on a constant loop for quite some time!

…If that’s how much I’ve written about only two songs, I dread to see how long this would have been if I’d decided to write about all twelve songs! That fact that I didn’t doesn’t mean, however, that the rest of the album is any less amazing, because it’s not. The album as a whole is wonderful, and I’m so glad I bought it. I’m hoping to get some of their older albums at some point, but for now I’ll settle with this one. I really recommend going to listen to them, and just to urge you along a little, I’ll give you the link to Valentine:

Listen and love it 😛


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