Victim To Villain by New Years Day Album Review

New Years Day

I start listening to bands for the strangest of reasons – I first heard of New Years Day because I got a poster of the singer, Ash Costello, in an issue of Kerrang! magazine, and thought that she looked really cool with her read and black hair. Then, when I saw that they had a song featuring Chris Motionless (singer of Motionless in White), it was practically set in stone that I was going to love them – and I did. I’d like to point out that I generally can’t stand female singers. To me, they mostly sound the same and they often seem to stick with slower songs, which I don’t have the patience for. Out of the CDs that I physically own, 30 of those bands/artists are male, whereas only 5 are female – likewise, my bedroom walls are covered with posters of male–fronted bands, with only a few being of female singers. I think the fact that these female singers are Taylor Momsen, Lzzie Hale, Emilie Autumn, and Amy Lee probably gives you a bit of a clue as to the kind of music, and indeed the voices, that I’m into.

So I was all prepared to not be a fan of New Years Day, but then I started listening to Angel Eyes, their song with Chris Motionless, and I was captivated. Not only is it such a great video, but Ash’s voice is amazing. I fell in love instantly, and replayed that one song for a very long time, until I finally bought the album Victim to Villain. I was a little worried that, what with loving Angel Eyes so much, I’d be rather let down by some of the other songs, but it turns out that many of them are just as good – and some are certainly catchier.

There are three tracks that I absolutely love, one of which is of course Angel Eyes. My second favourite track is most definitely Bloody Mary, even though it’s definitely one of those somewhat predictable ones. The legend of Bloody Mary is that she’ll appear to you in the mirror if you say her name three times, so of course the song repeats the line “bloody Mary” at least three times, if not more, which even as soon as seeing the title, you know they’ll do – but it’s a really enjoyable song, with some great lyrics, my favourites being: It’s imitation but I’m not flattered, and the chorus

It’s not right standing in my spotlight,
you can just lay in my shadow if it burns too bright.
Don’t trip following my footsteps
Or you’ll be up to your neck in regrets.

My final favourite song from this album is Any Last Words?, which is again an extremely catchy one. One of the main thoughts I’ve had whilst listening to the entire album is how much Ash’s voice reminds me of that of Hayley Williams. I know that’s the clichéd singer to compare any female to these days, but the similarities really come across in this song. I used to be a big fan of Paramore, with Riot! being my favourite album, and it’s that era of Paramore that I’m reminded of when I hear Ash sing. I don’t like to compare singers, especially not to Hayley Williams as she appears to be who EVERY female singer is compared to, but if you listen to any songs on this album, in particular this one, I hope you’ll know what I mean. Regardless, I love the song and it’s just really good fun to listen to. I mean, the lyrics are pretty morbid, but it’s such a cheery–sounding song that you can’t help but smile.

Although I’ve listened to the whole album quite a few times since I got it, none of the other tracks stick in my mind as much as the aforementioned ones do – that’s not to say they’re bad, because I do like them, but I don’t yet feel they’re the kind of songs that I’d have a lot to write about each one of them. I do, however, recommend giving the band a try, as their music is great and it’s another female singer I can add to the list that I actually like! I’ve also just heard that they have a new EP out in November, and one of the songs has just recently been released, so I’m away to listen to that (and probably fangirl over it too), but I’ll leave you with the video for the spectacular Angel Eyes.


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