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How does music relate to your writing?

A music-related Teens Can Write, Too! What could be better – it is, after all, a combination of two of my favourite things (unfortunately, raindrops, roses, and girls in white dresses were totally neglected), and so something I was very eager to write about. And yet I still left it to the last minute… Nevertheless, I’m writing it now! And what do you know, listening to music too (The Pretty Reckless, if anyone’s wondering) – so without further ado, let’s get started!

I adore music, and always have – just as I always have, and always will, loved writing. For me, you can’t have one without the other. I’m always playing music, whether I’m reading, writing, or going to sleep, and usually it doesn’t matter what I listen to (as long as it’s, you know, good), but in the past few years what I write has definitely become influenced by what I’m listening to at the time – or perhaps it’s the other way around? It used to be I would find a few artists that I like, create a playlist, hit shuffle and go from there, but it was when I first took part in NaNoWriMo all the way back in 2013 that that changed. The story I had started writing at that point was a horror/paranormal one, and if I’m honest I didn’t always listen to music when writing it – mostly because I was working on it at school, and I didn’t want anyone creeping up behind me or reading over my shoulder without my knowledge! However, when I was home, my earphones would be in, I’d have my story up, and I’d be listening to… The score for the 2012 film of The Woman in Black. I enjoyed the film, but the music is really something else – I’ve tried to go to sleep many times and the music has come on through shuffle, leaving me about ready to dissolve into a puddle of fear! The music is really rather beautiful at points, but is most definitely the kind of thing that WILL leave shivers running through you – on the plus side, it always helps to create a great atmosphere, and I really get into my writing when I listen to it. My favourite is the first track; Tea For Three Plus One

Film scores will likely be a running theme in this post, as I find they’re so good at inspiring a scene or even helping to get past a bit of writer’s block. Of course, it all depends on what I’m writing – if I’m writing a sad scene, listening to something really upbeat isn’t going to make it come across as well as I want it to, as I won’t be in the right mind-set for it. Sometimes it’s not so much for inspiration as just listening to something that fits – for instance, at the moment I’m trying to write something that’s more sci-fi based and as I can’t abide the sound of silence, I’ve been alternating between the scores for Star Wars Episode III and Guardians of the Galaxy (whilst I’m not a fan of the film, there’s no denying how good the music is).

Sometimes, though, I can’t define a genre or find the perfect piece of music so will listen to anything that puts a smile on my face and makes me want to write. One such piece is Lost But Won by Hans Zimmer, from the film Rush (that entire score is excellent though). Words can’t describe how I feel when it reaches the two minute mark; it’s truly wonderful and I highly recommend listening to it, and watching the film.

The thing I love the most about music, and scores in particular, is how it opens up so much to you, and I find it’s just like reading in that way – you can be totally transported, and it’s amazing how two different mediums can have that same effect. It opens so much into your own writing too, even if you don’t realise it at first, and I love how music has the potential to completely change what may have been an otherwise bland scene.

Now excuse me whilst I finish listening to Harry In Winter and cry from how beautiful and sad but so full of hope it is.

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